How Is Big Data Impacting Search Engine Optimization

How is big data impacting search engine optimization

There have been a lot of talks going around big data and its impact on the world. When you hear this term for the first time, you feel like has it got anything to do with government intelligence job or something. The truth is, big data means insightful information that can come in handy in decision-making for any business as it leads you through minor or significant consumer behavior. You may have noticed how ads appear on our phones about the products we searched a few minutes back to bring our attention to shopping or how mobile devices store information about our health and fitness. Everywhere you can see the stamp of the use of big data in your life today. Now, it becomes pertinent to ask how it is influencing SEO.

For that, you first need to understand big data a bit more. As the term itself suggests, big data is nothing but a vast volume of information that businesses receive daily in structured or unstructured formats. How and in what quantity this data arrives is not as important as how these are used. The use of the term “big data” is relatively a recent phenomenon, but if you are aware, business houses have long been collecting and storing data in large quantities since eons; just the number of such sources which supply data has increased encompassing social media, in-app purchases, online shopping behavior, etc.

Big data helps SEO

SEO practices depend on the use of large quantities of data, which is nothing but big data. As you know, search engine optimization is an endeavor to enhance the search result rankings of a website based on the availability of online data. The search engine giants like Google direct visitors to pages that appear to be relevant or authoritative. Whether a site is trustworthy or not is determined by the number and quality of links it gets from other websites. That’s why an SEO expert makes every attempt to develop content that is authoritative to gain a higher position in the rankings.

The role of SEO in marketing campaigns is well-known to everyone, but its techniques continuously change due to the evolution of big data. Here is a brief insight into how big data is contributing to improving SEO practices.


Online content refers to any amount of published information, and every page of content is quantifiable online. Search engines analyze these content pieces and direct visitors to the relevant results based on their searches. Now, the catch is what a search engine may think to be most important for a query may not be favorable for your business. This situation can be taken care with online reputation management services. For that, a digital marketing firm needs to work on the visibility of their client’s business and bring positive content on the top by pushing negative details down.

Social Media

Social networking sites churn a large amount of data, which search engine giants cannot afford to ignore. And this has been possible because so many users in large numbers continue to join these social channels over time. You get proof of this when you look at the user base of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and so on. That’s why enterprises are focused on improving their presence on these social platforms to improve their rankings in the search engines.

Intelligent machines

Why big data is so useful is because it emphasizes more on people than search engines. It lets you take a peep into the buying and browsing behavior of your customers. And since things are transparent online, people also don’t hesitate to accept cookies or elicit their check-in details of specific locations on social media.

Since the user-driven data carries weight, computers and mobile devices are also becoming intelligent and faster in their responses to search-related queries.

Trust factor

As time passes, big data will soon become a regular part of everyone’s life where no one would have hesitation to share details. Online advertisements customized to suit different needs will be acceptable and will help make lives easy and comfortable. The dependence on digital devices will grow, which necessarily would lead to the generation of more accurate big data for various needs. However, this doesn’t encourage spamming. Only the sources of marketing information will change.

Customer experience

Big data will lead to better customer experiences and business results. Search engines will be empowered to fetch targeted results based on preferences, choices, and location details. It is already happening in the e-commerce businesses, though. But things will become more specific in the coming days.

Deeper SEO insights

Search engines convert website content into quantifiable data. And in coming days, these will be able to produce more accurate results, which marketers can use for insights. It is because of big data that SEO applies different techniques, such as keywords, on-page optimization, linking, to reach out to their customers. All the efforts combining local SEO, content marketing, and mobile data will help generate accurate user insights, and this can be possible only because of the contribution of big data.

Deeper SEO insights

Today, big data has become a powerful SEO tool for businesses. Companies can sift through a large volume of data quickly to understand what performs better for them. They can primarily obtain a 360degree view of the customer, right from what they are looking for to what they prefer more. User behavior becomes more comfortable to locate. From this, it is not difficult to understand why companies would depend on big data for their digital marketing practices. After all, big data help them in better targeting of their services, improving customer experiences, and increasing their visibility in the relevant marketplace. When all this happens smoothly, operations and revenue will naturally grow.

So, if you have been wondering why big data is critical for SEO practices, you need to reconsider your observations once. When big data marries SEO strategies, it can conquer all the hurdles and give your company the desired visibility and wider reach to its users. The chances of conversion will also improve.

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