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  • Comprehensive Analytics Audits
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Periodic Reports
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Having experts in house is expensive - having someone to keep an eye on your data doesn't have to be!

Our expert analysts and developers have been working with websites big and small. Our clients come from all fields, we are experienced in e-commerce, lead-gen and SaaS.

Hiring us as your analytics partners will make sure your data collecting system is in good health and will save you money compared to having a team of in-house experts.

How does it work?

We divide the process of helping you to become truly data-driven into four steps, so you would have a clear overview of what’s happening.

Here is a short overview of each step in the process.


During the first month, we are going to learn what your website is about, what are the main KPI-s and who are the customers. While doing this, we are also going to conduct an audit of your current analytics setup to find out what kind of issues it has and what else should be tracked specifically based on your business.

Fixing, improving

After we have figured out what has to be fixed, we are going to work together with our and your development teams to fix those issues. Everything fixed, we are going to monitor the data coming in, comparing it to your sales numbers, and making sure that it is accurate.

Data digging

Now that we know your setup is strong, we are going to do some actual data digging – finding correlations, getting to know the segments, building the funnels, and everything else needed to provide you with the insights you require to boost your sales.


For smaller businesses we usually send a monthly overview of their website’s performance whereas bigger companies usually prefer to have a fortnightly online meeting where we present our findings. What would work the best in your case, is something we are going to figure out together during the audit + fixing period.


Most of our clients have found it really useful to have a  tailor-made live dashboard. Showing the performance of their website based on main KPI-s and major segments, as well as other information that would give you quick insights on improving your business.

Benefits of having an analytics partner

  • Your analytics setup covers everything needed
  • The setup is in good health and accurate
  • Frequent overview of your website’s performance
  • You know your data is in good hands
  • A team ready to help at any time

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