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What is Conversion

Conversion is the point at which a user fulfills the desired outcome of your website (i.e. subscribing to a newsletter or purchasing a product).

Many websites have multiple different events that could be called as a conversion but in most cases, there is still one that is known as “the main conversion”.

In general, there is a funnel and reaching the end of it is know as a conversion. Each funnel step could be called a micro-conversion.

One of the most popular metrics to look at when analyzing website’s performance is conversion rate – conversions/sessions or conversions/visitors.

Example of a funnel
Example of a funnel

What to watch

When working with website’s analytics, a conversion rate of the main goal is definitely one of the key metrics to look at.

But of course, keep in mind that looking a single metric in an isolation doesn’t tell you much. Instead, look for any trends and changes over time.

In your analytics platform, figure out if there are any browsers, devices, traffic sources etc. that have a conversion rate different from websites average. Why is that?

How to improve conversion rate

Improving conversion rate means getting more conversions out of a set number of visitors. This process is called Conversion Rate Optimization.

Conversion Rate Optimization is becoming a huge business and companies all over the world are starting to understand the importance of it.

Some of the keywords related to higher conversion rates are:

  • Fix all of the bugs on your website
  • Try to meet your audience’s expectations
  • Target your ad campaigns more accurately
  • Hire a professional copywriter
  • Start running A/B tests

One of the best resources for conversion rate optimization related content is ConversionXL blog

Last modified: April 20, 2017

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