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Combine all your marketing data in one place

We help you plan, build, run and manage marketing data pipelines to feed your business with the data and insights it needs.
  • Hundreds of data sources
  • You own and control the data
  • All major data warehouses supported (e.g. BigQuery)

PS! Raw hit-level Google Analytics data included

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Here's how it works.

All steps are optional and can be bought separately

1. Audit, fix & improve

After meeting with your team and understanding your business goals we are going to conduct a full audit of your current analytics setup. This is followed by fixing all the issues and implementing required improvements.

This provides a solid foundation and ensures data integrity.

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2. Set up a data warehouse

Our default data warehouse vendor is BigQuery but we can work Snowflake, AWS and others as well. If your company already has something in place, we can take a look and suggest improvements if necessary.

This will be your one source of truth.

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3. Configure data pipelines

This involves connecting your Analytics and Ads platforms, CRM, CMS, offline data and other data sources with our system that will transform and securely store all your data in your data warehouse.

We have connectors for all major tools and platforms.

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4. Reporting and visualization

Now that you have access to your marketing, user behavior and other data all in one place, it’s time to start reporting on it. Our team can help you with building interactive dashboards, automated reports, alerts and more.

Data only has value if smart people turn it into real actions.

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Running on

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This is exactly what we enable!
"If I had access to raw, hit-level data, and if I could build my own stitching schema on top of that, I would be able to bend the processing and reporting aspects of GA to my will, improving the quality of data for my business alone. That's what my dashboards should be showing! That's what should be driving my business!"

Why choose our data pipeline as a service?

1. Flexibility

Our data pipeline service is completely customizable and no two pipelines are the same. Already have a great tool stack you like and wish to keep? We can work with almost any data-related tool on the market and can give recommendations on adding new ones as your company evolves.

2. Secure & Reliable

All of the mission-critical parts of the data pipeline are living in one of the most reliable cloud computing platforms. Either Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services. This makes sure your systems can scale automatically and you don’t have to worry about managing the infrastructure.

3. Fast

When planning and building your data pipeline, our engineers aim for maximum efficiency and speed. Most of the events are available for reporting in minutes, not hours or days. This means your team can make decisions faster, giving you a great competitive advantage.

4. Full Control & Ownership

While data-related tools are getting more powerful, many of them want to remain in power of your data. Many of them don’t even allow exports of your raw data. We make sure you own and control all the data in your data lake/warehouse.

5. Expert help and advice

Need help with reporting, analyzing or visualizing the data you’ve collected? Our team of experts is always ready to help.

Use cases

With analytics data pipeline, you can easily gain access to raw unsampled hit-level Google Analytics data in BigQuery or any other data warehouse. All hits are ready for querying in near-real-time.

  • No sampling
  • You own and control the data
  • Secure and flexible storage
  • PII data allowed
  • Data available in near-real-time

A similar setup is available for most digital analytics platforms (Heap, Mixpanel, Adobe Analytics etc.).

Analytics data pipeline makes it easy to load the raw data from Google Ads into BigQuery. This data can then be joined with data from other sources, i.e. Google Analytics, enabling you to get an overview of cost details as well as build custom attribution models.

  • Click-level (gclid) data
  • Data loaded daily
  • Detailed cost data

A similar setup is available for most ads platforms (Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads etc.).

Analytics data pipeline can be configured to listen to Mailchimp webhooks – this makes it easy to send all events from Mailchimp to BigQuery or any other data warehouse.

Types of events:

  • Subscribe
  • Unsubscribe
  • Profile update
  • Email address changes
  • Cleaned emails
  • Campaign sending status

A similar setup is available for most marketing platforms (Hubspot, Klaviyo, Sendgrid etc.).

Analytics data pipeline can load data from most e-commerce platforms and send it to BigQuery for reporting and mixing with other data sources.

  • Magento
  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • and many others

Analytics data pipeline lets you collect all of your marketing data in one central data warehouse, BigQuery, for example. All data is stored in a way to make it easy to query in visualize using all of the popular BI and data visualization tools, i.e. Google Data Studio.

  • Custom visualizations
  • Ad-hoc queries
  • Filtering, Sorting, date-ranges
  • Near-real-time access

A similar setup is available for most BI and data visualization platforms (Looker, Tableau, Power BI etc.).

Most tools keep your marketing data in silos. We make sure those silos are broken by exporting data from 3rd party tools into your data warehouse (i.e. BigQuery) where it can be easily joined with data from other sources and exported for reporting, analysis, ML and more.

While Google Analytics doesn’t allow the collection of any PII (personally identifiable information) data, with the analytics data pipeline, you could collect it with your Google Analytics hits but only send it to BigQuery.

This provides a perfect solution for joining Google Analytics data with other sources (CRM, CMS, marketing data, offline data etc.).

Google Analytics has two types of data collection and reporting limits. With analytics data pipeline, you can avoid both of them.

The limits in the Free version of Google Analytics are:

Data collection

  • 500 hits per session
  • 200,000 hits per user per day
  • 10 million hits per month per account


  • 500k sessions at the property level for the date range you are using

Both of these limitations can become an issue for sites collecting millions of hits a month. With analytics data pipeline, you don’t have to worry about any data collection limits or data sampling in your reports.

Analytics data pipeline sends all your marketing data into one central data warehouse, i.e. BigQuery. Our robust API makes it easy to access all this data in real-time and without limitations.

  • Send data to any destination
  • Feed machine learning algorithms
  • Build automated reports and dashboards

With tools like BigQuery ML, Auto ML and others, machine learning has become available to the masses. The only part that’s missing, though, is access to high-quality raw hit-level data that is required for training your models.

With all your marketing data in your data warehouse, you can create models from product recommendations to smarter remarketing campaigns.

Analytics data pipeline integrates with all major A/B testing tools and can mix your experimentation data with other sources like your CRM, analytics platforms, ads data and more.

Wonder what’s the long term impact of your experiments or how does it affect the LTV? With analytics data pipeline, you can easily answer these and many other questions that would otherwise require a lot of custom work.

Analytics data pipeline has an integration for most marketing tools, analytics platforms, ads platforms, CRMs, CMSs, social media platforms, databases and data warehouses.

This ensures your data doesn’t stay in silos and is accessible and provides value to all teams.

If your tool doesn’t have an integration available, our data engineers and developers can create one for you.

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What makes our data pipeline stand out?

1. Extreme scalability

Reflective Data’s analytics data pipeline is built to handle billions of events without affecting the performance of your website, applications nor reporting.

2. Permanent event history

All data sent or loaded into the data warehouse is accessible in raw format just as it was collected. This allows reprocessing of the data at any point in the future.

3. No sampling and access to raw events

You can choose how you want to aggregate your data. With our pipeline you’ll always have access to the raw unsampled hit data.

4. Separation of concerns

While tracking and data analysis are indeed related, they run on separate machines and don’t directly depend on each other. This makes the whole system more durable.

5. Support any analysis

Our data pipeline makes it easy for business analysts, data scientists and engineers to answer any business question they want, using a wide range of analytical tools.

Reflective Data has been one of our key partners in digital analytics for over two years now. They helped kick-start our efforts in tracking, data analysis, data visualization, and reporting. Reflective Data truly acted as an extension to our team and the level of collaboration was much more akin to a partnership than a client/vendor relationship.

Parker, Senior Marketing Manager, Boston

Our experience with Reflective Data has been amazing. Our internal resources are always limited and we're now relying on Reflective Data on pretty much all of our digital analytics tasks. They audited and rebuilt our entire enhanced ecommerce setup. These guys tend to overdeliver, we are more than happy. Oh, and the new dashboards completely changed how my team operates.

Stephanie, Director of Ecommerce, London

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