Most Common Google Analytics Configuration Issues (In-Depth Overview)

Common Google Analytics Issues

Google Analytics is a super powerful tool for tracking and analysing your website visitors.

It’s safe to consider it an industry standard, 74.5% of top 100k websites are using Google Analytics to keep an eye on their online business.

While most of us know what Google Analytics is, and the basic setup is really straightforward and simple, there are still tons of things that can go wrong or missing in the process.

This series of articles is providing you with an in-depth overview of the most common problems in Google Analytics setup, we are also going to give you a bunch of guidelines on fixing them!

After going through, and taking actions based on this series, you can be quite sure you have a top-notch GA setup which you can rely on when making important business decisions.

To keep it nicely structured and easy to navigate, we are going to divide articles about common Google Analytics issues into categories and sub-categories. That will also help us keeping everything regularly updated.

Structure of the series

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Property level Settings

View level Settings

Goals and Funnels

Event Tracking

E-commerce Tracking

Other Settings

  • Campaign Tracking
    • UTM parameters
    • Email campaigns
  • Referral traffic
    • Campaigns in referrals
    • Organic in referrals

Should you need help with your Google Analytics setup, check out our services. We’ve got you covered.

The list is being updated as new articles are being published, or if new issues come up.

Everyone is welcome to share their ideas on common Google Analytics issues not listed here. Post them in the comments or on Twitter @reflectivedata

17 thoughts on “Most Common Google Analytics Configuration Issues (In-Depth Overview)

  1. Hello! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you
    I really enjoy reading through your articles. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same subjects?
    Appreciate it!

  2. I really like the series so far, is it still active? No new posts in a while!

    Keep it up, guys!

  3. Hey guys, nice series. When is the next post going to be published, though? Should be about the needed views, right?

  4. I find myself coming back to this series over and over again. Thank you for sharing the good information with the world!

  5. Thank you for the series. I’ve been reading all of the posts so far and really recommend everyone to do the same.
    One thing that would be nice is a note on how to do something using Google Tag Manager, too!

  6. Just finished the first article in the series, and I must admit, it is good! Really looking forward to next one.

    PS! Please do one on GTM, too!

  7. Looking forward to the custom definitions part, really haven’t found a good in-depth tutorial on this, both custom dimensions and metrics. I’d also like to see how you guys suggest measuring customer lifetime value, as it seems to me this is something Google Analytics doesn’t support by default. I guess it does but for apps only? Anyway, I think something great is coming soon!

  8. Hopefully you are going to add some descriptive screenshots and guidelines, I find Google’s docs rather complicated and developer oriented, although based on a good tut even a marketing person like myself can do most of the things. So I hope something great is coming here.

  9. Okay, now this seems like a lot of work. Are you going to write an article on every headline, on every first level list item or second level even?

    Anyways, looking forward to it.


    1. At least one article per first-level list item. Will go into more detail if the topic is more complicated or if there’s higher interest amongst our readers.

  10. Hey guys, when is the first article going to get published? And what’s the expected schedule for the following posts?

    1. Hi Luis, First article is being written as we speak. You can expect it first half next week. Follow us on Twitter @Reflectivedata to get posted!

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