Start Tracking a New Form

When you are done with adding tracking and conversion snippets to your websites footer, go to Forms section in the left navigation of Reflective Data platform.

On Forms page click on a green button Add New Form.

Match type

If you form is on a specific URL, like – choose Simple.

If your form is on a URL that always starts with specific URL, like – choose Substring.

For more complicated URL schemes please use Regex.

Form URL

This is the URL of the page where your form is on.

The URL you enter should respond to your Match choice. Enter entire URL for Simple, the substring that is in common for Substring and a valid Regular Expression for Regex.


If you want to track all forms and fields that are located on pages that match your URL criteria choose All fields.

In case these pages contain more than one form, it is better to choose Selected form.

By choosing Selected form, you will also have to specify the form selector, a CSS selector, for example, .your-class or #your-id.

Once you are done with the settings, double check that everything is correct and click Add Form.

Clicking on Add Form, creates a new form tracking project and takes you to form settings page.

On Form Settings page, you can give your form a descriptive name, e.g. Checkout form, and once again, make sure that all of the settings are correct.

When you are sure everything is the way you want, click on a green Start button to start collecting data.

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