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The analytics setup your business needs

Over the years, we have audited, fixed and improved well over 100 Google Analytics setups. Now it’s time to leverage this know-how on yours.

  • Comprehensive Configuration Audits
  • Enhaced Ecommerce Tracking
  • Dedicated Account Managers

We can do the analytics setup from zero, or improve the system you have in place

For a starting business, a basic Google Analytics setup might be enough. As the website grows into a more complex system, a tailored setup is highly recommended. Essential really!

The worst thing that can happen is a broken tracking. It’s when you think your system is all set and you are taking actions based on that data. Doing so will end up wasting your and your developer’s time – or even worse, “fix” something that was not broken, and miss parts of your website that really need an action.

We will make sure that essentials are in place, and accurate

  • Visitor segments are defined
  • Core traffic funnels are built
  • Key conversion goals are set up
  • Events and social media traffic is tracked

Based on your needs, analytics setup includes:

Event Tracking

Event Tracking is one of the best ways to understand the user actions on your website, such as how many times a button was clicked, a form was submitted, or documents were downloaded. We make sure you won’t miss an important event again, everything gets tracked. Based on this data you can make sure which actions need to be taken before the user is ready to buy.

Ecommerce Tracking

Selling products online? Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking gives you detailed information about your site’s performance by category, brand and product. It also provides useful insights on how to improve the overall experience – and therefore make you more money!

Goal and Funnel Tracking

Whatever your website is about, it quite certainly has at least a few actions you want your visitors to take. A purchase, email subscription, signup, lead generation or user engagement – they can all be tracked as a Goal in Google Analytics.

The path that your visitor takes in order to reach the final goal is called funnel. Google Analytics has an advanced system for tracking and visualizing the funnels. Goal Funnels help you to detect what could make users exit the funnel, and what helps them to reach the Goal.

Campaign Tracking

There’s a good chance that you already use a number campaigns to route traffic from social media, ads, emails or other sources to your website. But are all of them being tracked properly in Google Analytics?

It is extremely important to measure how are the visitors from these sources performing on your website, so you would know exactly where to invest and where not.

Subdomain and Cross Domain Tracking.

If a visitor can go through multiple domains (or subdomains) during one session, your set up needs to include Subdomain or Cross Domain tracking. That usually happens when you have a blog on, or let’s say cart/checkout on a separate domain due to a service provider.

Sometimes you would want to keep your (sub)domains in a totally separate property. We’ll help you figure out.


Your business probably has more than one target segment but do you really know which one is performing the best? Or perhaps there is one that is not performing so well while you think it should? Advanced Segmentation will show you exactly which segments are bringing you the most money and which ones would probably like a bit different experience in order to reach desired actions.

Creating custom segments can be a real headache for the those not working with Google Analytics on daily basis. We are going to create every segment that is crucial for your business.

Custom Reporting

To make most of your Google Analytics configuration, a complete setup should also include Custom Reporting. There you can combine all of the metrics and segments you care about and have an overview in one place. You can even have them delivered via email, every week for example.

Having a place where to keep an eye on your data is good but having key metrics delivered right to your inbox is great. Know your business, your customers and those who are just browsing your site and haven’t converted, yet.

Take a step towards better business decisions

A good analytics setup is much more than a bunch of data. We are going to build a system that you can trust and that is actually going to give actionable insights.


Let’s get your analytics right!

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