List of Our Blog Posts Shared by Google Analytics

Blog Posts Shared by Google Analytics

I thought it would be nice to combine a list of our blog posts that Google Analytics has shared on social media.

First of all, thank you Google Analytics for sharing our content with your audience!

Secondly, thanks to Michael Howe-Ely for the idea. Check out his list.


Measure Long-Term Metrics Like Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) Using Google Analytics

In this article, we are going to explore some of the ways we can leverage Google Analytics to track churn, LTV and other really useful metrics.

Why Every Business Needs a Marketing Data Warehouse and How to Set One Up?

The number of marketing tools an average business uses has grown rapidly. Besides one or two analytics platforms there’re a few ads platforms, CRM, CMS, several social media platforms, an email system and probably a few more tools and platforms. Besides a lot of valuable data, this also means a lot of silos. A marketing data warehouse can help you break those silos and maximize efficiency.

How to Query and Analyze Google Analytics Data with BigQuery

BigQuery is an extremely powerful tool for analyzing massive sets of data. It’s serverless, highly scalable and integrates seamlessly with most popular BI and data visualization tools like Data Studio, Tableau and Looker.

Data You Should Be Tracking Using Google Analytics Custom Events

Out of the box, Google Analytics already tracks a bunch of really useful data points. What the default setup lacks, though, is context and events that are specific to your website and business.

Custom Events provide a perfect solution for adding context and tracking more specific user actions

Tracking Rage Clicks Using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

Visitors rage clicking on certain elements on your website is a good indicator of a UX error. For example, people may click on a blue text that is not a link or on an image that has no click functionality.

Creating and Using Custom Alerts in Google Analytics

In this post, I give a complete overview of why and how one should use Custom Alerts in Google Analytics. There is also a list of useful alerts you should consider adding.

Tracking Common User Actions Using Google Analytics Goals

Too many companies add the Google Analytics snippet on their site and that’s their whole tracking setup. Tracking some common user actions using goals is the first step one should take after installing the snippet.

What is gtag.js and when should I migrate?

Now that gtag.js is a standard setup, most of the new websites will be using it. But if your setup is a bit older, should you consider moving to gtag.js?

Deciding Which Google Analytics Goals You Should Create

In Google Analytics you are limited to 20 goals. In this article I help you decide how to spend those 20 slots in the most efficient way.

Google Analytics Audiences, Acquisition and Behavior Reports Visualized in Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a really powerful and flexible BI tool that lets you easily explore and visualize your data. If you are just getting started, this post is for you!

How to Decide Which Google Analytics Goals You Should Create

In Google Analytics you are limited to 20 goals. In this article I help you decide how to spend those 20 slots in the most efficient way.

We are really thankful to Google Analytics that they’ve shared our content with their followers and we’ll continue creating relevant and helpful content.

Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

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