A Series of Digital Analytics Related Case Studies Coming Soon

Reflective Data Case Studies

Over the years, we have helped companies of all sizes and from various industries to collect, process and make use of digital data.

Something we should have started doing a long back is sharing the success stories of our clients. We’ve done so many cool things together and for our clients that these stories are definitely worth sharing, and reading.

The main motivator behind starting this series has been the fact that too many companies are struggling to see value in things like better data, more data, more advanced analysis, marketing data warehouses or broken data silos. And we got no one else to blame than ourselves. These are all rather complex topics and should be explained by vivid examples, success stories and case studies.

As we, at Reflective Data, are in most part working for enterprises and SMEs, giving them competitive advantages, often working with sensitive data and our work is almost always covered by NDAs — most of the case studies in this series will be anonymous. That being said, though, we are doing our best to give our readers as much context and extra information as possible to make the case studies relevant, relatable and applicable to others.

To give you a few ideas on what kind of case studies we’re going to publish, here are a few sample topics.

  • Sending data from all marketing tools, CRM, and customer support tool into a data warehouse for a large e-commerce business
  • Building a custom AI-based product recommendation engine using data from Google Analytics stored in BigQuery
  • Solving the problem of data discrepancy between the AB testing platform, Google Analytics and backend/finance numbers
  • Building an interactive roll-up reporting dashboard for the management of a lead-gen business with multiple websites/markets

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All case studies will be available on this page.

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