Google Tag Manager Audit and Setup

Take full control over your tags

Having a tidy tag manager will save a lot of time and money.

  • Comprehensive Configuration Audits
  • Tag Manger Implementations
  • Comprehensive documentation

Our specialists will make sure your setup is solid and trustworthy

We have seen hundreds of Google Tag Manger setups, yet there hasn’t been a single one that we couldn’t improve.

If you make your business decisions based on data (and you definitely should), it is critical that it’s audited and reliable.

How does it work?

Although every audit is tailored to your business, here’s what you can expect.

1. Agree on the outcome

Different companies have different uses for a tag manager. Some might use it for sending a few Google Analytics events while others rely on it for most of their Javascript deployments.

It is important that we are on the same page before we get started with the serious work.

2. We test everything

No matter how complicated your setup is, we go through and test every tag, trigger and variable you have in your tag manager. It’s the only way we can assure the quality of our service.

3. We document everything

Have more than 5 tags in your tag manager, or a hundred, maybe even thousands. Keeping your tag manager tidy is a difficult task. Especially if multiple people are working with it.

Reflective Data will make sure your nomenclature is systematic, globally. Besides that, we create a comprehensive documentation of your setup so that everyone has a good overview.

4. We deliver a high-quality tag manager that just works

Doesn’t matter if you are just getting started or have been using your tag manager for years – we’ll make sure your setup is solid and reliable.

Tag Manager Audit will assure you that

  • You can actually understand what’s going on in your tag manager
  • You have a documentation that covers everything in your tag manager
  • Every detected problem in your setup will get fixed
  • You can trust your setup and data

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